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Pagefelt What is Pagefelt? Pagefelt's AI Journal, offers a web app that provides users with a platform to journal daily and receive instant, custom feedback based on their entries. The tool uses chat GPT-generated bookmarks to generate feedback, tips, and content recommendations for users. It also has a nonintrusive display for daily sessions and updates the bookmarks page for easy access to AI-generated content. The focus of Pagefelt's AI Journal is to assist users in improving their mental health by providing a judgment-free journaling experience and personalized feedback. The tool has use cases for individuals seeking to improve their mental health and for mental health coaches looking for a tool to help their clients. Pagefelt possible use cases: Individuals seeking to improve their mental health through journaling and personalized feedback Mental health coaches looking for a tool to assist their clients Users looking for a judgment-free journaling experience to improve their life experience. Users looking for a nonintrusive daily journaling session

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