obd.hcraontario.ca - How to scrape data from Ontario Builder Directory

Ontario Builder Directory
Ontario Builder Directory
Vendor/Builder Legal Name Vendor/Builder Detail Page Link Doing Business As Name Location Licensed Licence Status
Viewmark Homes Ltd. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B7295 Viewmark Homes Ltd. markham No Expired
Country Lane Builders (1981) Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B24505 Country Lane Builders (1981) Inc. hawkesville No Expired
Ashcroft Homes - Eastboro Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B39308 Ashcroft Homes - Eastboro Inc. ottawa Yes Licensed
Fairview Joint Venture Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B43440 Fairview Joint Venture Inc. burlington Yes Licensed
O'Malley Homes (Waterloo) Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B25618 O'Malley Homes (Waterloo) Inc. waterloo Yes Licensed
2841157 Ontario Ltd. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B62281 2841157 Ontario Ltd. st. catharines Yes Licensed
Keystone Interiors Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B40631 Keystone Interiors Inc. woodbridge No Expired
Toddglen Avenue Limited https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B38784 Toddglen Avenue Limited toronto No Expired
Maplerun Homes (Princeton) Inc. https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B16885 Maplerun Homes (Princeton) Inc. concord No Expired
New Horizon Homes Westwood Inc https://obd.hcraontario.ca/profile/B37951 New Horizon Homes Westwood Inc burlington No Expired

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