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Ben Harman 4.0 out of 5 stars Quest 2 requires no graphics card in your PC or even a PC at all, unlike its predecessor the Rift! Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase Was there a Quest or a Quest 1? I don't think so. Why did FB/Meta start at 2? I have no idea. Maybe there was a Quest 1 and it ended up on the scrapheap for some reason and we never saw it.Anyway, the BIG NEWS with the Quest 2 is that you no longer need to hook up to a laptop/PC and so no longer need an expensive graphics card. The Oculus Rift cost about the same if a bit more than the Quest 2, but to operate it, you needed a graphics card that would set you back at least several hundred dollars. Worse than that, though, that required you to have a higher end PC, so instead of, say, a $500 Dell Inspiron, you were looking at having to have, say, a $2,000 Dell XPS. That was a major roadblock to mass availability of VR that FB/Meta took away by introducing the Quest 2 and putting the Rift out to pasture.Now that all sounds very 5 stars, and maybe it should be, so why am I only giving 4 stars?1. It's not as cool as I thought it'd be and I don't use it as much as I thought I would. The games/apps cost between $9.99 and $39.99, from what I've seen, but even the most popular game, Beat Saber for $29.99, which is kind of like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) but with a light saber, isn't that cool, even if on paper it sounds cool. It's not bad, just kinda meh.2. I don't know if it's my head or my eye placement or what, but I have a real issue with eyes strain using it and, most of all, with getting double vision I can't resolve no matter what I do, namely repositioning the headset and adjusting how far apart lenses inside are. Now, I do wear glasses and thought it might've been because of that and because of the spacer for glasses wearers provided with the Quest 2 to allow extra room inside the headset for glasses, so since I can see OK without glasses, no like I'm blind or anything, I tried taking that spacer out and going without glasses, same thing. For whatever reason, I can see just as well without my glasses in the headset, so that's good, but the issue of eye strain and occasional double vision that I can't resolve is exactly the same.3. The spacer for eyeglasses leaves a small open space or gap between the spacer and the body of the Quest 2 along the nose such that if you glance down with your eyes, you can see outside, see light, and even when you don't, it lets outside light in, so that's poorly designed.4. You need a fairly large open space of floor with absolutely nothing on it or anything next to it, like walls, stuff on counters, shelves, etc. You can play with a smaller space, but you're constantly getting alerted by a big wall of plus signs that you're reaching the edge of your safe space. Now, one thing that's cool is if you leave the space, cross that wall of plus signs, you no longer see the game but get a black and white video feed of what's in front of you, of your surroundings, kinda like looking at your home through a low-res black and white security camera. Now, I do have just barely enough space, but the problem I run into is that you actually need a somewhat larger space since gameplay will often result in your arms that space, so if you've outlined a safe space or play area that's big enough but there's a counter, table, shelf, whatever not in it but right next to it, you will can find your hand knocking into whatever's on that counter, table, shelf, whatever and maybe knocking it off or over or whatever, so it seems like the easy solution for people who don't have big open areas of flat floorspace with nothing surrounding it in their homes would be to play it outside, which brings me to my next point...5. You can't play it outside. Nowhere in any of the instructions does it say you can't use it outside, like it literally won't work outside, so when I tried to use it outside, I thought it had broken. The headset has sensors all over it that must use the walls and ceiling to bounce off of, so when there are no walls or ceiling, it literally freaks out. The controllers work, sort of, but not really. Instead of seeing them in your hands, like you normally can with the headset on, you'll see the controllers 10 or 15 feet away all on top of each other, and you use the menu buttons and fire buttons, but you can't aim, or can only sort of aim because it thinks the hand controllers are 10 or 15 feet away and not positioned like you have them positioned. Now, it seems like with games like Pokemon Go and with so many people not having the rather large amount of space needed to use the Quest 2 that outside wood be a perfect solution, like in a park or in my backyard or in my driveway. When I googled it, I found out that my Quest 2 wasn't broken, but what I was reading was spinning it to be like it didn't work on purpose outside for my safety and not that it's a shortcoming of the Quest 2, which is what it totally is. One interesting thing that I did learn, though, is that the magnifying lenses in the Quest 2 should never be left in direct sunlight, not outside nor inside on a windowsill because if direct sunlight hits it, the sunlight hitting it will be like sunlight hitting a magnifying glass, only it'll focus it on the display screen inside and burn through it lickety-split. So that's A CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW THAT'S NEVER MENTIONED IN THE MATERIAL YOU GET WITH THE QUEST 2 WHEN YOU BUY IT.Now that all may make it sound WORSE than it is. Those are my criticisms. Still, it's a pretty dang cool piece of tech, especially for the price. It's just not what I thought it'd be, so I'm going to be giving mine to my nephew.ANOTHER IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION: 64GB for $100 less vs. 128GB for $100 moreI spent the extra $100 and bought the 128GB one because I didn't want it going obsolete or running short on memory or whatever. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have saved myself the hundred bucks and bought the 64GB one, not because I'm giving it away but because there's no way you'd ever use 64GB, much less 128GB.What the storage is for isn't RAM, so it has no effect on performance, but is strictly for storing games, file storage. Each game, though, is only about 1GB, so before you'd ever use up 64GB, you'd have to have more than 60 apps/games on there. Setting aside that's around $1,800 in apps/games and just a crazy amount in my mind, even if you are that heavy a user and do have that much stuff, it doesn't matter because you can use a USB cable and put games you're not using or don't plan to use on a library that can store them on an app or even through a cell phone app on a cloud, so you'd only ever actually need more than 64GB and so pay the extra $100 for the 128GB version is if you actually want to have access to 60 to 120 games and apps all at the same time without having to swap games/apps out with others in your library. Now, you may be thinking of future-proofing, that there will come a time when the games/apps are 2GB or 3GB or 5GB or whatever and so don't want to be caught short, but you won't be, or you will be, but it won't matter. The reason games/apps are only around 1GB each is going much bigger than that would push or exceed the limits of the Quest 2's processors and internal RAM. That means that when down the road games/apps grow much larger than what they are now, it'll be time to upgrade from the Quest 2 to whatever's next. There's no avoiding that by spending an extra $100 for 128GB of onboard storage instead of 64GB. Now, when the Quest 2 first came out last year, it came out with only 32GB at the same price it is now with 64GB. 32GB wasn't enough storage, so FB/Meta quickly remedied that by making a 64GB for $100 more, but then it obsoleted the 32GB version and dropped the price of the 64GB to the same as what the 32GB one had been. FB/Meta then added the 128GB option because of people demanding it after panicking from the 32GB one not being enough that they thought 64GB wouldn't be either or soon wouldn't be. But it's totally unnecessary and a waste of $100. If you don't believe me, just research it for yourself. EVERYONE says so, and having lived it myself now, I fully agree.SAVE YOURSELF $100 AND BUY THE 64GB QUEST 2......BECAUSE YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NEVER EVER USE UP EVEN THE 64GB, MUCH LESS EVER NEED 128GB, AND IF YOU SOMEHOW WOULD EVER HAVE MORE THAN 64GB IN APPS/GAMES, YOU CAN SIMPLY STORE EXCESS LESSER USED APPS ON ANOTHER DEVICE/CLOUD THAT YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD THEM FROM SHOULD YOU EVER WANT THEM ONBOARD YOUR QUEST 2 AGAIN LATER, BECAUSE THAT 64GB IS JUST ONBOARD STORAGE CAPACITY, NOT TOTAL STORAGE CAPACITY, WHICH WITH A PC/CLOUD, SKY'S THE LIMIT. 87 people found this helpful
Pedro Rodriguez N/A Amazing But.. Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase Pros:- Fairly Immersive.- Amazing experiences.- Personal home theater, huge movie screen, made even better with paid Virtual Desktop ($20usd) that gives you actual movie theater vibes and tons of other scenes. Oculus link (Free) does a pretty good job with big screen too.- Nice desktop experience in VR through Oculus Link (free)- High refresh rates up to 120hz (if you're wired and can find a game that supports it)- Haven't seen other views to compare, but I'm very satisfied with the resolution. And hear its better than most if not all other VR headsets right now while also keeping in mind its the most compatible with VR games. Im guessing this is the Playstation or XBOX of Virtual Reality. Or they are lining up to be. Either way, its the right choice for gaming and other.- Truly the next level in gaming and virtual spaces like home theater.- Gonna list Half Life: Alyx as a pro. Was my first VR experience, and although god-tier amazing, I would suggest working up to it as not much has compared since :P But I am having fun in other games like Boneworks and TWD Saints and Sinners. I like TWD more so far but I have a few gripes with that game. (Not a reflection of this product)- As anyone would tell you, works well with streaming services. You got your Netflix Hulu and Disney plus.- You can load movies and videos from your pc stored into Oculus directly for trips without wifi.Cons:- Good thing I already owned a beasty gaming pc. You're gonna need one for titles like Half Life: Alyx.- Battery life. Could not watch a 2hr30min movie without plugging in. Con still offset by the amazing movie theater-like experience. Was using Virtual Desktop so maybe the wifi usage played a part.- Real Con, the strap it comes with is uncomfortable and will give you a headache the first week or so.- It is heavy on the front and my forehead and cheeks hurt, requiring me to take a break, wash and massage my face every couple of hours, every day. (I've watched videos on how to adjust and not over-tighten but not much can be done about the reality of the situation. It is far from weightless and fairly noticeable.-If you need glasses to see things far away, you will need glasses for the VR headset too. Special lens caps cost roughly between $60 and $100USD. But it comes with a spacer. You can likely get away with those retro non-spacer glasses.If they have those little feet that push off the nose you might be in trouble and if they are really big, you might be in trouble so look into the dimensions of the quest 2 view port and your glasses. An annoying extra step but probably worth it.-Scuba Diver effect. The view cant be in the pro section. As I said, you'll feel like a scuba diver. Only during the most immersive of times will you not notice too much. To be fair this is.. most of the time.- blurring and lens-rings. If not absolutely perfectly centered, you'll get some blurring in various parts of your view. At first and for a few days the little magnification rings of the actual glass piece of the lenses will be very noticeable in your peripheral. Again to be fair.. again, while having an amazing time, you will not notice.- Also there's this thing about the lens spacing I hear a lot of people complaining about. I think I'm just at the edge of the farthest setting but could probably do with a tiny bit more. Read other reviews and look into it about I forget what its called, the space between both your pupils.- It'll take a few days or more than a week for your mind to ignore some of these, like the rings, occasional blur, and scuba effect.-Serious con, be ready to shell out at least another $100usd or so on extras. $19 link cable $16 extension cable plus breakaway protection, Silicone Grips and hand strap (worth it and kind of necessary for throwing objects in comfort,) $30 Rechargeable batteries or a large supply of AA’s. Be sure either are 1.5v. $10-30. Head Strap pad I bought $15 (not compared to $30-50+ or so elite straps. And if you need the prescription lens caps another $60-100. And your first game ranges from $10-40usd or so, for the good stuff.- Very few free games/stuff. And not that many AAA amazing titles. (Not exactly a reflection of this particular product)-This thing gets sweaty after a few dozen minutes of intense gameplay so have a dry cloth handy and don't get pulled into the ‘pass it on or around after playing beat saber to your friends’ fantasy.IMO/SideNotes Related to this product directly and VR as a whole:- The device should have been a more evenly weight-distributed helmet.- I wouldn't expect to game any more than an hour or two without being plugged in either to a power outlet or pc. Mileage may vary.- Buy a 10 - 20 ft data cable with your purchase. The provided cable is like 3ft or something. You're gonna need it regardless of pc ownership. Search youtube for good 3rd party brands it should cost around $18-28usd or so for a good cable with decent length.- Find your play area and hold your arms out, now plan for an additional one or two feet, mainly North, West and East of you. The Quest 2 comes with a 'Guardian' thats really good at letting you know when you're 'out of bounds' but you will be bending to search or grab stuff reaching and leaning over, tossing things aside (In VR, While stationary, with one or two steps of leeway) make sure you have the space to be swinging your arms around like that. be honest with yourself about this space. If you don't have it, you don't have it. Sorry. I had to rearrange my room a little but luckily I had the space and it was absolutely worth it.-VR is very physical. Some games have seated options but require too much leaning and grabbing and searching to do it sitting down. So be ready to stand and crouch and lean. I kept that from both pro’s and cons. IMO, awesome, but be ready for it. Make yourself take breaks every half to sit and stretch if you're not used to standing all day, but not even taking into account the workout apps, this has gotten me burning more calories and keeping my redstuff circulating more and my metabolism on its toes. Actually crouching behind cover is pretty cool but also tiring lol.- IMO, Probably not a con, too many older games being remade or re-released in VR. Don't get me wrong, Fallout 4 with Whispering Hills mod was and is mindblowing but after putting in so many hours on the pc version and playing it for years, its kinda hard to get all the way into again. But I guess for kids who never ever played Fallout 4 and they get it for VR, then it’ll be pretty awesome for them. Same for Resident Evil 4 Which I played on the Gamecube, not in VR yet but I fear the novelty will wear off as I played that game like crazy already and it would be a massive retread - even if VR itself is still amazing, I’ll stand by that. (So not a direct reflection of this product)-I want to see more completely brand new AAA single player games.-I hear GTA San Andreas is coming to VR.. Again, great for kids, but how about a brand new GTA VR?.- Only been in the scene a few weeks but, looking back and ahead, it looks like a really lazy and slow march into making VR a thing for everyone. IMO right now it's still more of a niche enthusiast thing. I only say that because I’ve been hearing about VR for years. What did people play on the Quest 1?- Get a small rug or mat to stand on, maybe even a towel will do so you know when you're stepping off too far out of bounds. I have a small rug I folded up just enough to fit my feet with a little bit of slack on all sides. This’ll make you more comfortable but will also help keep you stationary and orient you. They sell $100 tough gamer standing pads about the size of the guardian, if you have the dedicated space and money for it, I can't stop you I guess, but a simple, thick rug or small yoga mat will do.-Like a baseball plate, add a little point when you draw your guardian space to let you know which way you should be facing at all times, you want that wire mostly behind you at all times.I have more to say but admittedly this is getting long. I would wait a couple of years until a much lighter and more comfortable VR device comes out. But, if you cannot wait any longer and love gaming or just want what VR has to offer. I can tell you that, it is here, and it is amazing.Seeing previews of anything VR on a 2D screen cannot do it justice and neither can words, of this you must trust me, you would have to experience it yourself to truly understand. Ask a friend or coworker if they have one and if you can try it. You wont believe it until you do. Or take the plunge like I did. I have my gripes with this thing, and it's not all fairy tales, but I do not regret purchasing it. Like I said before, it really is the next level in gaming, and it really is here.Be considerate, please. This took a while to write to help you. 214 people found this helpful
Michael N/A Well worth the value. Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase I never spend anything on myself and I realized I haven't been having much fun for quite a while now. Just focused on work and scrambling to get by. I've been picking up a lot of overtime and felt like it's time that I spend something on myself, something fun. I was looking at the Nintendo Switch, X-Box Series S and Meta Quest, as they're all in the same price range. After talking to a couple friends who have the Meta Quest I decided to go with it and I'm glad I did.It's so immersive. I was in outer space and I was able to push planets around; I was in a black hole for a moment. It was incredible. In another game I was in a real story about a man who has schizophrenia and in another, a fitness game, takes you all over the world while you workout. I've also watched short vr videos in the library where I was auditioning to join Lego Batman lol and in another video I was on a roller coaster. There's even a vr video for Ghost In The Shell.Overall, I am very impressed with the Meta Quest and have absolutely no regrets with the purchase. The exercise one, called Supernatural, is by far one of the best reasons to get this if you want to get in shape and live a healthier life. It's supremely an exceptional fitness app that also includes stretching and meditation as well.There are some downfalls; none worth turning away from the system itself but worth the developers listening to:- The set up is such a pain. I had so many issues with getting it set up. I tried doing it from my phone and I think that was my first mistake but the directions were not entirely clear when trying to do it from the headset alone. I had to restart my headset twice so I could try to get it set up.- The cell phone app, at least for Apple devices, is less than user friendly, especially for setting up the headset. It's like the button goes away when you start filling out information and it's such a hassle to try to wiggle it back down.- The controllers should be rechargeable. Using double-AA batteries is such a waste of money and product, and just further adds to landfills needlessly. Fortunately, you can use rechargeable double-AA batteries. I would either rather see the controllers be rechargeable or ship them without batteries so people can make the choice to get rechargeable ones or not.- Up close the visuals are absolutely incredible. Almost like you're actually there but when you look farther out, it becomes less realistic and more pixelated. For the most part it doesn't bother me as this is developing technology but hopefully the next Meta Quest (3) will be more real even at greater distances.- Some of the games won't let you get back out of them without restarting your headset. The only way I've found a way around this is by enabling voice control and saying "go home" and it gets you out of the app that you're in.- When watch videos that aren't vr it takes into essentially theater mode. I would much rather have a full screen mode so there is no black screen around the video; just the video, or at least as close to it as possible.- The bottom part of the headset allows more light in than what I would like. Sleep face masks these days now have a nose bridge to block out the majority of the light; I definitely believe Meta Quest should have this as well to create more of an immersive experience.I think what surprised me most about this system is the sound. The speakers are not on your ears but you can hear everything as clear as day, and outside sounds don't interfere at all. It's honestly incredible how loud and clear the sound is even though they're not directly on your ears.The safety features are also 100% on point. I definitely don't feel unsafe with this. I've never hit a wall or anything else with a body part or with the controllers. It's a very intuitive system and I am very excited to see where they take this. After using this I can firmly say that VR is definitely the way of the future. Most people, including myself, already know this but you don't really know why until you try it out and then you can really see the potential in it.This is a solid investment for just having fun but also for your physical, emotional and mental health as well. The key difference between this and other gaming consoles like the Playstation, Nintendo, etc. is that this genuinely feels like I have an experience versus just staring at a screen. Those immersive stories are real stories, some of them with the actual people of those stories and it changes the way you think and feel about the world around you and how others see their own lives and the lives around them.The one story about the schizophrenic man is so interesting and there's another one that shows how a blind person saw the world as they gradually became blind with the original audio recordings. The storytelling is captivating and there's plenty more stories like those on there with I'm sure more to come. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this system and would highly recommend to anyone looking into potentially buying one. 33 people found this helpful
Aidan N/A The best VR headset on the market right now Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase I spent a few weeks deciding on if I wanted to get the quest 2 and a finally decided to pull the trigger years ago I had the occulas gear for my galaxy s8 and that was when VR was still working out it's kinks something that I always had a problem with when it came to old VR headsets was motion sickness and I didn't have any at all with the quest 2 I love how the quest 2 rests on your face with the cousin, I rarely get face strain when I use it for long periods of time. I love how Facebook has integrated with occulas to make using the operating system a breeze. I have heard complaints from other users shaming Facebook for requiring a Facebook account to use the quest but I've never seen the big deal in that. Facebook bought occulas and they have the right to require an account to use there product. People use the excuse that Facebook is trying to steal data but if you use the internet at all your going to have your data exploited no matter what 🤷‍♂️ that's just the way it is. If you don't have anything to hide then what's the problem? If you do decide to bite the bullet and get the quest some games I would recommed are beat saber, hand physics lab, and horizon worlds. Some things I'd like to point out for new users is 1 the head strap that comes in the box. It's a good headstrap but it does cause some problems every now and then. Due to the lightweight nature of the headstrap it makes the occulas a little front heavy and forces you to tighten the headstrap so the unit stays on your head and after time can start to give you a headache. If your looking to get a different hadstrap I'd warn you not to get the elite strap from occulas there prone to breaking due to some weak points and it's not worth the 150 bucks in my opinion. Instead I'd recommend looking around at 3rd party headstraps and selecting one based on what you think would work best for you. Personally I use a 3rd party headstrap from kiwi that has some weight on the back of it to counterbalance the weight from the front of the unit I've found it miles more comfortable then the stock headstrap. One other think that I would recommend is investing in a pair of wireless earbuds. The quest has Bluetooth functionality and is able to pair with anything Bluetooth including earbuds. I love to workout with my quest and I love good audio it gets my in the zone and really gives me the immersion I'm looking for. So with that being said I would recommend a pair of skullcandy earbuds they have a good balance of highs and lows and there not that pricey either (around 30 bucks) overall the quest 2 does have some kinks but nothing that some creativity can't fix. If you read this all the way through thanks! I hope you found it helpfull! 15 people found this helpful
D. Cole N/A Every person should have a vr headset Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase I really didn't know what to expect. I've done the phone VR cardboard devices and wasn't impressed and I even owned a vr headset many years ago but this thing is a game-changer. I have stopped like 80% of my computer gaming and do most of my gaming in VR now. It's just so much more satisfying that it is hard to explain. There are issues but for the price they arent deal-breaking issues.You can't really adjust the focal point, the lens will move to 3 different spots for the width of your eyes but if you are between then you have to try to stop it between the 3 slots you can move them to. If you wear glasses, I higly recommend you search for prescription lenses that can be bought fairly cheap and you won't need to wear your glasses inside the device.The base head strap is crap. You will want to replace it pretty quickly after purchase. Battery life also is low, which leads to you buying a headstrap with a built-in battery as well. The stock battery is max, 2 hours.Sound, it's.....ok. If you want immersive sound you will want either earbuds or some external over-the-ear setup. The sound isn't terrible, you can hear everything going on but its just not immersive at all.Now for the surprise. I'm over 50, I HATE exercise, I can not stress enough, just how badly I hate exercise. With that said, there are some great games that give you a heck of a workout and it NEVER feels like you are exercising. Eleven table tennis is a very realistic ping pong simulator that will have you sweating like made while playing. Since you never have to chase the ball around the room to be able to serve again, you are constantly playing, and its absolutely worth the price if you ever loved playing ping pong.Now, I will share a little about me, I'm a stroke survivor, on year 10 post-stroke. Have about 30% usage of my left side. Beat saber has changed my life. Nothing I have done for my left arm has ever really strengthened it but beat saber has started making it stronger. You just get into the music and just try and try. I will probably never play on expert+ and I'm OK with that. It's fun exercise that never feels like exercise. I can not recommend these two games enough. I can easily lose track of time and when I am done, I sit down and think, holy cow, I am tired now.I have bought lots of games from lots of different genres. You can sit on the river bank fishing in real VR fishing, you can watch tv shows and movies on the big screen with the Bigscreen beta app. Lots of VR or 360-degree content to watch that's free.If I was forced to give only 1 answer to what I think of the quest 2 headset, It would be this. It's an amazing experience! It really changes many things about the way you think. Gaming is different in VR. You're not just gaming but you are immersed in the games. It changes how you game, it gives a sedentary person exercise that they would have never gotten before and you will never feel like you're just working out.I really can't stress enough just how much this could change your life. It's not perfect by any means but I can only see it getting better and better. 28 people found this helpful
Devin George 4.0 out of 5 stars Could be better in some aspects with a few changes but still absolutely worth it! Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase I have absolutely enjoyed the heck out of this headset. It's fun and the fact that someone on my budget could afford it is really something. I wouldn't have had a VR set if it weren't for this being as affordable as it is. There are some shortcuts clearly taken to help keep it affordable but the actual VR hardware is amazing. Visuals are clear and immersive and it keeps up with my movements very well. If you don't have the money for something like an Index or Vive but want VR this is a great choice. It's also pretty sturdy. I've punched my table so hard my knuckles bled and the controller barely had a mark on it. You also can't tell I've headbutted my desk multiple times trying to pick up guns and rotwiener cores lol.Lets get complaints out of the way first:• The original strap the headset came with is 100% the absolute worst part of the headset.Do yourself a favor and snag the Kiwi Design head strap while you're here on Amazon. The original strap squeezed the heck out of my head and if I loosened it the headset could flop around a bit causing blurry graphics and just being uncomfortable for a different reason. Due to that constant squeeze it gave me some nasty headaches usually after 2-3 hours of gameplay but sometimes much sooner and they could last the rest of the day. While they're nothing compared to a cluster headache for pain they were still what I'd consider bad.• Air link was awesome and worked great but was broken within a week of receiving the headset likely due to a patch (0.37 I think).I didn't get to enjoy it and the only potential bit of troubleshooting I have left to try as far as I've found is a factory reset which I'm reluctant to do. I bought a 3rd party link cable which is working well enough for me but I'd really like to be able to take my gaming to my living room where I have much less risk of punching or breaking anything and have some room to physically move around.• I don't really like having to be signed in with a Facebook account.I don't think this is going to change anytime soon if ever though.I've played Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades (H3VR), Blade & Sorcery, Pavlov, and Legendary Tales with my headset. I've played around 76 hours since I got it and aside from the headaches problem (which I've solved recently) it's been absolutely amazing and immersive. I've also used it to watch youtube, streaming shows, and movies. I absolutely love the thing for every use I've had for it so far. It's an absolute blast to experience actually fighting an opponent yourself whether it be that sniper in his tower or a bunch of knights. Just through the games themselves there's an amazing amount of stuff to experience but adding mods makes it even better. This headset can get your foot in the door to worlds you've always wanted to see in person at a pretty cheap price compared to it's competitors. Past video game levels, fantasy settings, all sorts of places to see and things to do.An aspect you might have been thinking about is this is a great fitness tool even without dedicated fitness apps. Before you realize it you'll be sweaty and tired from swinging your arms, moving around, and holding your arms in front of you for surprisingly long periods of time. Pretty much anything you do with your VR will involve some level of activity and the gaming will almost certainly help kick your butt into shape. You should still visit the gym and make sure you're eating right though.I have only done gaming through PCVR and SteamVR. I have not tried any of the games for the headset on it's own nor do I expect to anytime soon. If you're looking for info on them then sorry but I can't help you with that.There's several improvements I'd love to see either through future patches or future products. Probably the easiest would be the ability to verify and repair to latest patch the headset software from settings (if it's there I haven't found it). That way if my air link problem is software based I could fix it easily without having to do something like factory resetting the thing. If not then that's one more troubleshooting step I can cross off on my own fairly easily. In the next model or with an accessory if it's possible one thing I'd like is a second dedicated charge port allowing the use of a link cable and a charger with more oomph than a PC's USB 3 port would typically have for longer play times both at the same time. Another thing I'd like is a fabric cover. While the silicone cover is nice and stops the foam from irritating my face I'd love to have an official machine washable fabric facial interface cover that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 4 people found this helpful
Selcuk Onat N/A Torn in two directions at once.... Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase So, there are two sides to this product. From a hardware standpoint, I really don't have any complaints. The headset is comfortable enough with one of the better adjustable head straps I've ever seen on any head-worn device. (I recommend wearing a cloth skullcap or even washcloth so that the strap isn't pulling on your hair (a baseball cap won't work), and the towel will collect sweat, although I've yet to sweat in it. There's a learning curve with the controllers, though it's not bad. Be careful, you could easily break them quickly, smashing them into each other, or punching into a wall or objects, though the guardian carrier does work effectively in keeping you from running into things once you set it up, so make sure you set it up properly. This product can NOT be operated in less than an 8ft square space. You may want to own a house with a dedicated room, or have some space in your apt. Don't expect to use this in an apt with no central open space. The audio isn't as good as some newer iphones, but its not bad either, however, I hope sending it out to a stereo is seamless. I have a feeling it won't be. Connecting to the internet was not a problem at all.My real issue is I don't feel the browsing of apps and functions is OPTIMAL considering how much fanfare Facebook is blowing about the metaverse. The nav took me a bit to get used to, but then it became fairly logical. The issue is some apps are much better at navigating than others. Having to boot out with the Oculus button varies app to app, and it almost never takes you back to the previous menu which you dove in from. The control console always shows up, but the menu of what you were in doesn't always. Case in point - the tv channel, which includes various travel VR scenes of Paris, Cairo etc. The Paris footage was great, if short, but I tried to boot out of Cairo, and the TV icon became visible, and I clicked on it, and I went right back into the video where I was, NOT to the previous menu of selections. I NEVER got back there, and ended up NOWHERE near where I started. Facebook needs to crack down on those apps not meeting the nav standards, but they prob don't want to lose previous content, which takes some effort to create, it is clear.You have to give this time. Some apps will disappoint, others will amaze, and there's no way to predict it, because this is a new sort of medium. The demos are often not adequate to be sure you want to pay for the app, and that can be a bummer, because if you don't like it, you just paid for zippo.For instance, one app claimed to be free, then dumped me into a big showroom where you have to buy your weapons. Other apps have demos good enough to make it clear buying the app will be worth it over time. Facebook should do more to demand adequate demos from developers.An app like Superhot is phenomenal and makes you happy you bought this. The demo gives you a taste of what the game about, and then the game seems like a good deal, and you've got a satisfying experience. I HIGHLY recommend the ISS space experience downloads if you want to see what floating in orbit is like. It's quite astonishing. The travel experiences make you want to go to those places. The issue is if you don't get into the right apps, you might find yourself saying ho hum.The travel TV segments look great if a bit dated. The famous fitness program Supernatural instantly put me into a 14-day trial that will go straight into monthly payments if I don't cancel it. Can't you just show me the program for an hour without getting my payment info? This isn't your iphone where you know iOS is there to protect you. This is Facebook, and yeah, I have a bias towards Apple, and I'm here to tell them that this market is open to take away from Facebook, because they aren't doing it 100% optimally.Another problem I have is the utility VR programs that tap into desktop software I want to use that are more specialized work through Steam and the PC. I want the Quest 2 to interface with Apple, and that may not be happening.I'm not saying that VR isn't a stunning experience, and the physical side is really well figured out. It truly is, but the software side (as often is the case) could be tighter. This is Facebook, and they claim to own this space so they deserve more pointed criticism. The issue is also that VR is a somewhat new medium, so some patience is to be expected. It will take a few tries to get used to the basic operation, and then you can start assessing the apps. However, if you get dud apps before you get used to the operation, you may find it all overrated. I just think Facebook should match their introduction to the physical use of the headset to a good cross section of apps to bring you in further. Echo VR is another app that shows you the potential of the medium once you get into it. However, I'm not really about meeting up with people I don't know to play games. These apps should have single-player options by default. The VR environment instantly puts you into a space where you're making choices, and sometimes you don't like the choices the app you're in has made. You want to do something else.People complain about the interface of the accounts with Facebook. I wasn't crazy about it at first, but you can create multiple profiles under the main one, so it's not the end of the world. Of course, many of the settings have to be reentered from scratch, and so far the apps don't seem to cross across the accounts, so not sure if that's optimal.Also, literally ZERO apps come with the console. There are free apps, but you wouldn't know it, since how to find them is NOT immediately apparent (once again, squeezing your own customer instead of being their pal), some of which are more or less lying, and others which are highly boring. You would think Facebook would have the brains to greet new users into their wondrous world by just having a mainstay of 3 seamless good apps for everyone that got you feeling good about the console you just bought.So I give it 4 stars for setup of the headset itself, and 2 stars for not really introducing the user properly to a set of apps that shows them the power of the medium overall. 13 people found this helpful
JJ 4.0 out of 5 stars An Immersive World Full of Beautiful Experiences Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 128GB Verified Purchase Some years ago, I purchased the first Oculus Quest. I had been highly disappointed- the graphics were poor and there was a lack of content. I ended up returning the set for a refund. I was a bit hesitant to purchase the Quest 2 due to my previous experience, but I decided to take the plunge; I am glad that I did. What a HUGE improvement! The graphics are very good and the available content is sizeable. Since receiving the headset, I have - walked on the moon, followed a dinosaur, watched Post Malone in concert, enjoyed a movie in a virtual theatre, and much much more. Of course, there still is room for improvement, but this headset is a nice beginning.Pros:* Decent graphics* Nice sound* Entertaining & Relaxing* Great way to be social without commitment* Multitude of different content: gaming, movies, tv, learningCons:* Short battery life* Uncomfortable for wearing glasses* Limited free contentThis headset is like a gaming console whereas most games must be purchased to play. You will not find many free games. Most of your popular games are priced at $29.99. Some of the apps that do not have a purchase price require a subscription. I found a really nice fitness app but, after the 7-day trial period ends, there is a subscription fee of $18.99 a month. For a person who is on a budget, these subscription fees are a hinderance.The battery runs down quickly. After a few hours of play, the battery is nearly dead. I have gotten accustomed to charging it immediately after each use. I may have to break down and purchase an extra battery.Lastly, the experience is not great for eyeglass wearers. The headset does come with an eyeglass spacer for the viewfinder, but it is basically a thin piece of plastic. Nonetheless, I tried to use it but it was very uncomfortable. I ended up just using the headset without my glasses; it is a little blurry for me but it's better than using the spacer. I hope they will come up with a better solution for those of us that wear glasses.All in all, I am glad I purchased the Quest 2. 3 people found this helpful
Tenebrae N/A It's an experience. Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 256GB Verified Purchase No one can describe VR to you.You'll see people say that online all the time, trying to emphasize the fact that you need to experience it to fully understand just how truly unique it is. They're not lying, nor are they exaggerating. I won't lie to you and say it's like you're really there because it's not QUITE like that, it's more like you're wearing a space suit in a new world...looking out from the helmet's glass viewing window into an existence you're right on the outside of. I would imagine it's a lot like how the first astronauts felt on the moon, actually. You'll likely feel a little disassociation and undoubtedly feel your body attempting to react to anything within these virtual environments. You jump off a building in VR and you get that sensation of dread you would if you fell in real life. You take a step and your legs want to take that step... Your body starts to believe you're there, and you'll find yourself slipping psychologically from time to time. It's not PERFECT, but it's beyond worth the money. I actually didn't buy mine, it was gifted to me after I made a edgy joke about not being able to afford one online and a company selling VR games decided to toss me one for such. I never planned to buy one, personally...but mused over what it must be like. I was not disappointed and you won't be either, so long as you don't envision yourself teleported into these worlds with the same level of realism as our own. The experience is so enjoyable that I bought one for my parents, as my mother is currently losing her mobility in life and longs for exploration...and there's plenty of apps that allow for just that, as well as workout apps. VR Chat is a...chaotic and amusing trip. Regardless, you'll enjoy the device and it's worth the costs. They're apparently bumping it up by $100 and including VR Chat, which I'm not sure I agree is worth the bump...especially when VR Chat is doing some silly choices that whittle away a lot of what makes it fun.'ll enjoy the experience. 11 people found this helpful
Stephen 4.0 out of 5 stars Great casual level VR set Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2022 Style: Headset OnlySize: 256GB Verified Purchase I'm a gamer but not so much into VR. I've got an older Rift that I liked to mess around with but I wanted something portable. This is where this set shines. I purchased it, got it set up, and messed around with it some before I went on a trip to visit family, taking this with me. I have a few nieces and nephews that like playing games and this was a hit with them. My youngest nephew is 5, and, with some help from my sister, had a blast looking around. My older nieces loved the simple games and my brother-in-law and sister loved a variety of games and apps you can get for it. This is what my take on it is:Pros:-Portable: This is a great set to take with you on trips or throughout the house. There are no cables that need to be hooked to a computer in order to jump into a game. It's not super bulky, so throwing it into a suitcase is not too bad. I keep my original packaging and threw the whole box into my suitcase.-Great for casual or new to VR gaming. This set is good for anyone wanting to experience VR for the first time or not wanting to spend a ton of money on a higher priced set. Personally, at $400 for the 256GB version, this is a great value to jump in from time to time to play a game or watch a movie-This is also a great way to hang out with friends in a virtual landscape. I've watched movies in a virtual theater, played around in VRChat, and played some games with others- I loved the ability to set your own zones. You are able to set a play zone when using the headset. This keeps you from bumping into things and will automatically alert you when getting close to that barrier and then turn off the app you are in to a black and white view of your surroundings. That was a nice touch.- No need for external sensors to track youCons:- This is not a high powered VR set. It is great and will play quite a few games, but it won't square off to higher priced units- Battery life is definitely low. I don't play it long, but when I was visiting family, I was lucky to really get a couple hours out of the headset before getting low battery warnings. You'll want to get a cable to attach to a charge source if you plan to do long plays.- I miss the headphone style speakers that the Rift had. The sound isn't bad, but without the headphones, you get sounds from around you.Overall, this is a good way to get into VR for a fraction of the price of high end ones. This is something good for the family and anyone wanting to travel and take their games with them. 9 people found this helpful

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