TikTok - How to scrape data from User profile (From hashtag page)

User profile (From hashtag page)
User profile (From hashtag page)
avatar account nickname following followers likes bio website
greysongasaway Greyson 128 1.7M 21.5M Sports Betting Legend Get access to my Discord ↓ discord.gg/7S5ZNZ5YyP

This demo will bring you to scrape each detail page on the TikTok user profile page.

What does this template has been set?

1. It defines the cells you want to scrape on the detail page.

step 1

2. It defines the "source list" from the listing page. It tells AnyPicker where to find the links of each detail page.

step 2

3. It defines the "Nav Button" to tell AnyPicker how to turn to the next page to find more source lists.

step 3

Then click the "Run" button. It will go through every page and scrape the data we have defined!

step 4

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