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Willett Family Estate 7 Year Bourbon 'Reid & Emerald V' Private Barrel Selection (Barrel 767) $5,550 Est. $6,000 - $8,000 750 ml Barrel 767 was selected by Reid & Emerald in the Spring of 2009 (alongside barrel 797) but was allowed to age for an additional year and bottled on 10/13/2010.Although never confirmed by Willett it is widely known that the 700/800 series barrels are Brown-Forman distilled. Numerous barrels were tasted from this series before narrowing it down to just these chosen few final selections.In total, five barrels were bottled under the Willett "Reid & Emerald" series. Barrel 797—the lone 6yr—was selected first. Then came 577, 7389 and 443—all 17yr wheated bourbons from a different selection of barrels—which were all chosen and bottled sequentially. 767 was set aside and bottled last because of the extra year of aging.Did You Know? The Reid & Emerald series are some of the select few Willett bourbons sealed with green wax. Willett typically used green wax (and later, foil) to designate rye whiskeys.Bottle Size: 750 ml, 130 ProofAge Statement: Seven YearsPrivate Barrel Selection By: Reid & Emerald VBarrel #: 767Bottle #: 88Total Bottles Produced: 137Reserve Price: $0 (NR)Disclaimer from Unicorn Auctions:Please take the time to examine the photos of each lot prior to placing any bids, as each lot contains original photos of the items for sale. If you have questions regarding the condition of the lot that is not offered in the description, title, and/or photos of the lot that you are viewing, please feel free to contact us and we'd be glad to provide more info.The conditions of the bottle, seal, and liquid contained inside of each lot is sold as-is, at the discretion of the buyer. Unicorn Auctions cannot guarantee protection against leakage while items are in transit post-sale.If you are purchasing any lot where age or condition may be a transit concern, we recommend to arrange for an in-person pick up at our offices here in Chicago, IL. All sales are final.

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