Tutorial - Run Task

What’re the parameters means before "Run"?

You could skip setting "parameters" and click the "BUILD TASK" button.

But if you want to know what that means, read below.

Parallel tabs count

This parameter means will open how many tabs to do the extraction task. For example, suppose you have 100 pages to go through. In that case, traditional web scraper tools go through one by one. AnyPicker default setting is 5, which means it is five times faster than traditional tools.

By the way, don't set the number too large because that will delay your computer processing speed.

Waiting seconds

This parameter means How many seconds before AnyPicker to collect data when AnyPicker navigate to one detail page.

We recommend you to leave it to the default setting, 2 seconds. Because of some anti-web-scraping strategies or network issues, 2 seconds is a better waiting time for most websites.

But if your result has many empty rows, you could increase the waiting seconds and try it again.

It is done!

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Add to Chrome AnyPicker requires Chrome.